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Loleeta Gitana,

You might be able to tell by her appearance and accent that Loleeta hails from Gondor. Those more familiar with that part of Middle Earth would be able to tell by her brogue that she is not from the city.

Loleeta had a happy childhood with loving, though very poor parents and extended family. Loleeta was born to a close knit clan of vagabonds, folk that in another time and place might be referred to as Gypsies. Her entire life has been a life of travel. And like her parents and their parents before her she has learned to make a living as a tinker, minstrel, jongleur, and thief when necessary.

As is the case with her people, Loleeta is kind-hearted, cheerful and rather happy-go-lucky, and fiercely loyal to friends and family; but she is slow to trust strangers and, though slow to anger, has a temper that can flashover in an instant and compel her into brash action.


About the player:

I have been a fan of Tolkien since I first read The Lord of the Rings in the late 70’s. That experience with reading Tolkien led to a subsequent fascination with mythology and archetypal psychology that has continued from that day to this. For me, fantasy roleplay is nothing less than an extension of that fascination and a means of manifesting mythology in our day-to-day existence. I was a D&D geek in high school and still have a collection of nearly one thousand 25mm miniatures, most of them vintage. Myself and two girlfriends were the only girls in a game world dominated by boys, so we got lots of attention!

I am a veteran of the glory days of free AOL and MSN chatroom fantasy RP in the early years of this new century; where I developed the ability to bring to life very complex and imaginative fantasy environments. I am still learning to adapt to the world of LOTRO where the visual environmental context is supplied for you, rather than created by you, but I am having tremendous fun in the process.

Holding a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and being married with adult children I had assumed I would be an oddball anomaly in the world of LOTRO. To my pleasant surprise, it is apparent that many, perhaps a majority, of us are mature and accomplished adults. I very much look forward to meeting and RPing with others of the kin!

- Loleeta (Heather)
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