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For the upcoming weeks ahead...

Gaelia / Dec 30, 2012
It has been a busy few weeks! I have been recruiting almost daily and so welcome to all the new faces and voices. I wanted to keep you all aware of several things and thought this work be easier than in game mail.

Kin House
First for those of you who are new, we have a lovely kin house and many of us live in the village of Naping outside of Bree. Currently there are only a few small homes left available. Everyone should have the ability to go to thouse with a special "call" skill.

Band Practice
This week I am working behind the scenes to set up a shared files site are for music. We are still looking for a few dedicated musicians, or those who are longing to be. Both Veignar and I are bale to teach you how to play instruments, so if you would like to play with the band please let us know. Our long term goal is to play in performances across Laurelin.

I will host a contest here on the website to offically name our band. So please send me your ideas so I can post them!

The Journey to Moria
Several of us already have access and have been waiting for a nice group of other kin mates to join us for our a RP journey through Moria as the kin. It is a wonderful opportunity and we hope a memorable experience. Please if you are attempting to catch up to join us let us know so we know. At this point I am guessing it will be sometime around the first of February. Everyone is welcome but you must be able to get in the dark and deary place to join us! It is level 50....

Many are looking for kin to join skimishes, instances, do runs for deeds (which are really lucrative if you need a few gold...) and grouping for epics and quests. I am usually in the Pony in the evening for RP and music, and we can extend this to the kin hall or further afield should people wish. Organized events are being developed so if you have ideas about what you would like to do or run some, please let me know.

We are going to try two weekly events, the first is RP night on Sat evening for we US folk. The second is band practice on Sunday afternoon. Both will be held in the kin house unless otherwise indicated.

In addition we will be having a Grand fete to celebrate our leaving for Moria, sometime in February. There will be a feast , music, tales and a dance.

Thank you everyone for being the great people you are, beacons of hope and honor, for those around us.


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