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Bree Elections

Gaelia / Jan 13, 2013
The Town of Bree, and its surrounding area's controlled by the management of the Mayor and his subordinates, is in turmoil, with the old Mayor's sudden disappearance, and presumed death, a call for a new Mayor is to be called from all of birth from Bree! Could you be the light in these dark times?! Come...find out....


February 1st, 2013 - February 4th, 2013


19:00GMT (UK) - End


The Stage In Front of the Prancing Pony.

Event details:

*A large flyer would be placed over the Town-Hall, surrounding area's of Bree, Staddle, Combe, and other Regions of Middle Earth, in vicinity to Bree*

Ladies, Gentlemen, Shirelings, Elves and Dwarves, long has Bree, been a port in the darkness a Hub almost of Trade, and Community. It has been without leadership for some time now, no longer, the date of Friday the 1st of February, until the Monday, 4th of February, at 7PM, every night, there is to be held eliminational elections, to decide the new Mayor of Bree-Town. Any Man or Woman from the land of Bree, may participate in the running for the Township, yet every other Man, Woman, Elf, Dwarf and Hobbit, may yet vote for their favorite candidates.

The days will be structured and organized into specific means for each day. these are as follows:

Friday - Candidates will present themselves, their goals, promises, and other such causes to the masses in Bree. Voting initially will be taken after, all members have had their say and their voices heard.

Saturday - Candidates will thusly present their updated referendums, promises, hopes and goals once more clearly, and Voting will again commence, and knock-outs will begin, as the polling results will determine the -top half- of the highest voted candidates will stay. the -lower scoring half- of the votes will have to leave the running for the Mayor position. Yet may after vote as a normal patron of Bree.

Sunday - The remaining half, will answer all questions directed at any of them, in a timely manner, one at a time, to give populace reassurance, and other such things. along with rebuttal any slander or sneers likely to be caused, in such a political endeavor. Numbers will again be cut down to the top Three, or the top voted people in numbers to battle it out head to head, the next day.

Monday- The final candidates, will present their final speeches to the people of Bree, and other Area's, answering any final questions, final voting will be then counted after being taken. and tallied up -over the total campaign time- Thusly the highest scored and voted candidate will be elected Mayor of Bree, the runner up may take place if agreed or merited, as the advisor, to the Mayor. followed by a closing ceremony, and official proclamation.

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