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The Grand Fete and Moria Expedition

Gaelia / Jan 17, 2013
I have posted a signup sheet for both events. This is to try to pin down both dates and times for each event.

As you all know I live on the US West Coast and so it is very hard for me to attend some Kin events in the evening, so I posted this in order to get people to tell me when are good times.

Please understand I cannot make events convenient for everyone, but would sincerely like to try to get a good turnout for each.

Because going into Moria as group has been a long term goal of mine for years now... Not having people to play with and enjoy that experience is why I left LOTRO the last time... It was just too sad, not having anyone share the experience with me.

This time I would like to go with a group, but the majoriy of playtime for me to quest is on weekends in at evening for you EUR people and in the mornings for me in CA. So that being said please sign up and set comments for your preferred availabilty. Remember is want all of us able to go, to go...

So again if you want to attend an event... TELL me when you can come. Remember I am working with people in every time zone in the US, in Britain, in Europe, In Turkey and in Austrailia and Singapore....


I am also US West Coast. My best times are late weekday evenings and early weekend mornings. The times for both the party and the Moria trip should work for me on that weekend.
Awesome Baso thank you for the update!

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