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Gaelia / Nov 22, 2012
The Company is heading to the lovely city of Rivendell for a day of companionship and fun. We will travel caravan style and make a fun day of ot for everyone.

Please mail me in game let me know if you wish to go and I will add you to the interest list. This will take place either this Saturday or the next in the early afternoon US Eastern time.

Hope you all had a safe and joyous day of thanks..Know I am thankful for each of you.

Gaelia / Oct 19, 2012
To all Kin,

You are cordially invited to a Company Party/Meeting to be held on Saturday, October 20. The festivities will take place at 2 Broadford Street, Caldham.

Please join us for food, fun, and merriment. There will also be promotions!

The party starts at 8 PM (London), 3 PM (US Eastern), 12 Noon ( US Pacific).

Yours always,

Gaelia / Oct 15, 2012
At last the day has come, the long anticipated release of Riders of Rohan is now updating and will be waiting for many of us later today. I look forward to hearing about it from any of kin who are able to see it for themselves and welcome impressions and posts of what it is like, how the epic story is told and of course what mounted combat is like.

For most of us , however, it is just a long way off and something we will just talk about experiencing for ourselves. Remember, anything is possible if you put your mind to it and work for it. I know that for a fact after dragging poor Cywnnwyn through Moria alone. I did not think I would ever manage it, but I did. Even she, though, is not strong enough to ride Rohan's plains.

But there is hope, right? One day we will all go Eru willing.

To that my answer is a small party. Lets call it "A Who Cares about Rohan" party. A little meet and greet this coming weekend and get to know one another type party to be held....No NOT in the my house outside of Bree. Everyone is welcome, bring friends if you wish, there will be food and drink. I may play some music, and I will also explain how I manage to play and sing, and answer questions you all about how I manage to remember all those songs. Please look for the posting on the Events page for date and time.
Gaelia / Sep 17, 2012
It has been a busy few weeks. Starting a kin, buying a house, building the website and leveling to 40, have taken up vast amounts of time. Have I mentioned I love Evendim? It is such a fun, organized, and lovely place to level up, and Rohawn and I find ourselves just stopping to gaze out over the views. The world seems pristine and untouched, and it gives you a sense of cause to protect it with the Rangers.

I have started to speak to people who have expressed interest in our kin, both in going to lend their voice and hands, as well as in alliance. I plan to firm up alliances as I start to officially sign on people to our ranks.

I will likely been recruiting officially, in game, with a message later this weekend. I must be away for several days late this week, so there is little point in inviting new members just yet.

Those of you invited to see the website and who I regularly speak to, of course may feel free to apply anytime.

Till we speak again,