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About Us
About Us

We are mature, friendly, and easygoing, seeking to establish a close knit fellowship based on friendship and community. Our aim is to provide our members with help, loyalty and commitment in their journey across the lands, and we seek individuals with those sorts of characteristics as well.

We actively role-play and expect our members to know how, or wish to learn and improve their abilities. This is an important part of our kinship and crucial to all aspects of our life in Middle Earth.

Our intent is to become a prominent US kin, because there is a huge need for kins and activities for the US players. We hope to provide a haven for players looking for company and fun at the often deathly quiet times on Laurelin. We are based in North America, and will expect to use English as our main form of communication, both in game and in kin chat. We hope to attract members from Europe as well, but our play times may not be suitable for some persons living "across the pond".

Exploring and questing through the land is one of our primary goals and we hope to offer help and advice from those who solo, quest in pairs and in groups. Playing in instances and perhaps even small scale raiding may also be something some member will wish to do. We must stress, however, that we will never seek to be a end game raiding kin. Raiding itself does not lend well to role-play and would sooner stay smaller and focus on quality experiences and adventures where we can remain in character.

As we grow, we will hold events and attend other kin's events as well, but because we are based in the US, this may prevent some us from joining EUR time events. Do not worry we will have our own! Fishing, music nights, parties, band practices, picnics, scavenger hunts, RP journeys to faraway places and kin meetings. Kin meetings will be held at least once per month and becoming more frequent as or ranks grow. All kin events are carried out in character.

Our Expectations

We expect people to be physically and mentally present during activities. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to talk to someone who has not bothered to tell others they are away . We do understand that real life and family always come first and understand well all do have often busy lives outside of Middle Earth. You must stay active as a member though, so please let us know in advance if you will be away for any extended period of time.

Many people have several alternate personalities, whom we will gladly welcome into the kinship. However, each character has to remain active within the kinship and provide some usefulness to our members. Having several alts as crafters who provide weapons or armor, is an example of this. We prefer you not have any characters as officers in any other kinship, and that you afford us with the same loyalty we provide you.

A members must either wish to become or already be experienced role-players. You will not be refused entrance to our kinship if role-playing is new to you. Many of us have years of experience role-playing both in LOTRO and in other lands and will be happy to teach you how, should you desire to learn. While we strive to always remain in character in public, being out of character should never be evident to those standing around you.

Kin chat should also be in character unless denoted by brackets such as: (( Letting the dog out, be right back)). Many in the kin like remaining IC in kinchat and it does serve as a way to talk and RP even while miles apart! Kinchat is included with all unique game mechanic aspects of life such as the explanation of bindstones, non-death, levels and the magical appearance and disappearance of our mounts. It is just not commented on while IC. All non-plausible aspects of playing a game are spoken about or referred to, to others.

Out of character emotes, emoticons, leet-speak or internet slang in kin chat is not acceptable. Tells are considered private and can be either in or out of character. We also do expect all members to follow LOTRO policies on codes of conduct and will not tolerate griefing or harassment.

We are looking for members who are helpful, willing to assist others and exemplify the tenets of honor and respect. Just as evil is something we all fight in Eriador, we do not wish to provide a haven for evil characters in our lands. We want everyone to take an active part in the kinship, be courteous and sociable. This is after all what a kinship is about.

Participation and joining others on quests, adventures, arranging fun events and playing music and crafting materials and goods for kin mates are all heartily encouraged. Visit the website, post in our forums or share songs, poems, stories and pictures on our website.