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(Mar 19, 2013)
Will not be around Tuesday evening hope you all had a great day!
(Mar 15, 2013)
Hello everyone
(Mar 12, 2013)
Important poll in the forums, folks! Check it out!
(Mar 07, 2013)
Thank you Arrowea, I'm looking forward to meeting an RPig with everybody!
(Mar 05, 2013)
Hi all! I haven;t dissapeared. I'm currently swamped inwork, but I miss you guys. Wb Celo!
(Mar 04, 2013)
Welcome Loleeta
(Mar 02, 2013)
Welcome Bacl Celo! We have missed you!
(Mar 01, 2013)
I AM FULLY MOVED!! I will see you all in-game very soon! So sorry for my prolonged absence!!
(Feb 27, 2013)
(Feb 27, 2013)
Thank you!
(Feb 27, 2013)
Welcome Cenlef
(Feb 26, 2013)
Hail Cenlef! Welcome! to the kin!
(Feb 25, 2013)
Welcome me! Woot!
(Feb 18, 2013)
Welcome, Nalos!
(Feb 16, 2013)
Well, atleast we can let them gather alot of berries for us
(Feb 16, 2013)
Yeah, this is getting kind of spooky. What the hell did they break? *logs back in to find that the Shire has been replaced by a Smurf village* AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
(Feb 16, 2013)
Still not working *pulls her hair" What will I do all day! *cries*
(Feb 16, 2013)
Seems like a good idea to me
(Feb 16, 2013)
We should totally have a 'family reunion' get-together after the servers go back
(Feb 16, 2013)
Three days and counting...<takes a deep breath> I dont know if i can take this!!! lol