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(Feb 16, 2013)
(Feb 15, 2013)
Miss you all! Hopefully we can all go back to our happy places tomorrow!
(Feb 15, 2013)
(Feb 14, 2013)
I can attest that the new XP disabler purchased from the LOTRO store works like a charm! No more outleveling an area before you've done all the quests!! Woot!
(Feb 11, 2013)
Welcome, Umgard!
(Feb 09, 2013)
Welcome, Alaqade!
(Feb 02, 2013)
I'm still here! Just really busy with moving, etc. I haven't forgotten about my kinmates!!
(Feb 02, 2013)
I'm happy to craft light, medium, and heavy armor for anyone. Keep an eye out for ores, leathers & hides, and shards. Collect them, and I can make you rare and epic armor up to level 60.
(Jan 27, 2013)
Aye aye! I'm in. Took me forever. x.x It was very slow for some reason.
(Jan 27, 2013)
Hello! Thank you for having me! :)
(Jan 27, 2013)
*waves at the newcomer* Hello!
(Jan 27, 2013)
Hi Muridin!
(Jan 25, 2013)
Still sick...101 temperature...someone shoot me now, please. Or barring this, I would settle for a group of hobbit mistrels playing softly at the foot of my bed.
(Jan 23, 2013)
Good morning
(Jan 23, 2013)
Good morning everyone!
(Jan 17, 2013)
Where is RP Night going to be this Saturday? Rivendell?
(Jan 12, 2013)
I'm still alive, I promise!! RP Night tonight! WOOT!!
(Jan 05, 2013)
Arrgh...I may be a bit late for RP night tonight - but I will be there!! *mutters about real life interfering with his fantasy one*
(Jan 03, 2013)
Heyo Baso! Glad to have you here!
(Jan 01, 2013)
What does everyone think about scheduling a weekly 'Roleplay Night'?